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You need Bazaar for revision control.

Login Setup

  • Get a launchpad account at
  • When logged in, setup your SSH keys
    • Click your name (top right corner)
    • Click Change Details link (upper right)
    • Click SSH Keys button (middle of page)
    • Upload your public SSH key (How do I get a public key?)
  • Register yourself
bzr launchpad-login [yourloginid]

Getting the code

You should prepare a directory to keep bzr work in

mkdir $repo # where $repos is some directory (ex: ~/repos)
cd $repo
bzr init-repo drizzle

You should first create a clean repo.

bzr branch lp:drizzle trunk

You can see the current history with:

cd $drizzle-repo # ex: ~/repos/drizzle
cd trunk
bzr log | more

You can now create a working copy of the clean repo

cd $drizzle-repo
bzr branch trunk drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
cd drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN

NOTE: Use descriptive names such as drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN (where NNNNNN is the bug # of course).

You should now Compile Drizzle.

Adding your contribution

With a working version, you can commence making changes in your new branch, committing code regularly to your local working copy.

cd $drizzle-repo/drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
# Make Changes
bzr commit -m "Merge comment"

Prior to publishing your completed work, you need update your local copy of the trunk, and then merge any changes into your working branch.

Merging recent changes

Update your local trunk.

cd $drizzle-repo 
cd trunk
bzr pull   

Updating your local branch.

cd $drizzle-repo
cd drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
bzr merge ../trunk
bzr commit -m "Merged from trunk"

Verify differences carefully

bzr diff

Publish your branch

When all changes are merged and your changes are all consistent you can push your branch to LaunchPad

cd $drizzle-repos/$your-branch # where $your-branch is the branch you want to push (ex: drizzle-bugNNNN)
bzr push lp:~[yourloginid]/drizzle/$your-branch

Propose branch

On your Launchpad Code page https : //[yourloginid]/drizzle/[branch-name] click the Propose for merging into another branch link to propose branch to the maintainers to be merged into the main trunk.

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