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You need Bazaar for revision control.

Login Setup[]

  • Get a launchpad account at https://launchpad.net/+login
  • When logged in, setup your SSH keys
    • Click your name (top right corner)
    • Click Change Details link (upper right)
    • Click SSH Keys button (middle of page)
    • Upload your public SSH key (How do I get a public key?)
  • Register yourself
bzr launchpad-login [yourloginid]

Getting the code[]

You should prepare a directory to keep bzr work in

mkdir $repo # where $repos is some directory (ex: ~/repos)
cd $repo
bzr init-repo drizzle

You should first create a clean repo.

bzr branch lp:drizzle trunk

You can see the current history with:

cd $drizzle-repo # ex: ~/repos/drizzle
cd trunk
bzr log | more

You can now create a working copy of the clean repo

cd $drizzle-repo
bzr branch trunk drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
cd drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN

NOTE: Use descriptive names such as drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN (where NNNNNN is the bug # of course).

You should now Compile Drizzle.

Adding your contribution[]

With a working version, you can commence making changes in your new branch, committing code regularly to your local working copy.

cd $drizzle-repo/drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
# Make Changes
bzr commit -m "Merge comment"

Prior to publishing your completed work, you need update your local copy of the trunk, and then merge any changes into your working branch.

Merging recent changes[]

Update your local trunk.

cd $drizzle-repo 
cd trunk
bzr pull   

Updating your local branch.

cd $drizzle-repo
cd drizzle-fix-bugNNNNNN
bzr merge ../trunk
bzr commit -m "Merged from trunk"

Verify differences carefully

bzr diff

Publish your branch[]

When all changes are merged and your changes are all consistent you can push your branch to LaunchPad

cd $drizzle-repos/$your-branch # where $your-branch is the branch you want to push (ex: drizzle-bugNNNN)
bzr push lp:~[yourloginid]/drizzle/$your-branch

Propose branch[]

On your Launchpad Code page https : //code.launchpad.net/~[yourloginid]/drizzle/[branch-name] click the Propose for merging into another branch link to propose branch to the maintainers to be merged into the main trunk.